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The age-old style debate between modernity v classics has been taken online in recent years. Sites such as have definitely chosen their side, with this website being an excellent place to find vintage furniture articles galore. These range from dressers and sofas to lighting fixtures, armchairs and tables. Every room in the house is catered to, including the bathroom and the bedroom.

The Chesterfield sofa is a much-loved item of vintage furniture

Some vintage items are very much ‘rediscoveries’, others have never really gone away, such has been their ongoing popularity. This is definitely the case for the iconic chesterfield sofa, a fine example of which can be seen in the photograph below. This design classic, originally from England, although also influenced by French designs, comes in a number of different guises. The ‘deep-buttoned’ look, leather upholstery and general air of elegance and prosperity that a Chesterfield exudes makes it a great addition to a living room. This style has been around since the 18th century, and it’s perhaps this long pedigree which enables these sofas to ‘hold their own’ even in much more modern surroundings.