Cutting-edge treatments and facilities are the norm at Hospitalsconsultants!

Crawley Hospital, West Sussex, is just one hospital featuring on Hospitalsconsultants, a website set up by a French doctor, Jean-Pascal del Bano, who has considerable expertise in assessing the quality of healthcare delivery by hospitals in France.

Proton beam therapy is set to arrive in the UK in 2018

Applying a similar approach to British hospitals, based on the UK’s own Care Quality Commission statistics and patients’ opinions, as collected using NHS Choices user research, Dr. del Bano has chosen around 30 hospitals in both England and France.

Visitors to the website,, can look for hospitals near them and check to see if they offer the particular procedure they need. This service is not exclusively for those who have private healthcare plans or insurance – some patients may be able to have treatment covered by the NHS. Key advantages include faster treatment and access to excellent facilities, such as the proton beam therapy shown below. This is a revolutionary way of treating cancer, which should be available next year in two hospitals in London and Manchester. Other procedures available through the website include hip replacement, carpal tunnel surgery, cataract surgery and knee surgery.