Boots to put a smile on your face!

Many of us probably found watching all those world-class athletes at London 2012 pretty nerve-wracking. Perhaps you could do with something to perk you up – like the great looks from Modatoi’s range of women’s shoes !
Half boots for women are a bit of a Modatoi mainstay and they’ve undoubtedly taken a leaf out of the Olympic book. There’s a bit of flying the flag, with the union flag motif much in evidence, but edgier, more surprising details are in store too.These take the shape of skull designs and the metal spikes that are liberally used on some boots. Some say that fashion should be about fun, if that’s you then you simply must check out Modatoi’s wellington style half boots in vivid shades of green, pink and yellow.
Moving onto women’s boots , there are some major design trends to spot – buckles in abundance, (up to eight at a time), very tactile, suede and velvet style looks and when it comes to colour, lots of red and some intriguing shades of purple.
It would appear that neither women’s shoes nor dresses are quite willing to say goodbye to summer yet with breezy, sophisticated glam the look to aim for, demonstrated by strapless, off the shoulder designs and plunging necklines.